The Whole World Is Happy For This News !!! Get To Know Officially Vaccine Against Diabetes!

The diabetes vaccine that promises to be a solution for the progress of evil and even reverse its effects, was officially presented by specialized agencies that ensured that this alternative treatment can be used by both children and adults, with no side effect whatsoever.

In a press conference, Salvador Chacón Ramírez, president of the Foundation Vive to Diabetes, and Lucila Zárate Ortega, president of the Mexican Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases, explained that immunization does not cure, but there are sensible advances in all cases.

Chacón Ramírez explained that each patient needs particular attention. ‘The time it takes to develop the disease and how old it is with the complications of diabetes is very important. Everyone has, however, a great improvement. ‘

He mentioned that the doctor Jorge González Ramírez is the creator of this autohemotherapy. ‘For the first time, it manages to standardize a saline solution for any type of diabetes, be it 1, 2, gestational or congenital’.
“It is made so that any type of blood can enter the solution since the active ingredient in the vaccine is the same problem that each individual presents,” he said.
To explain the procedure, he indicated that the patient is removed about five centimeters of blood; are introduced into 55 milliliters of blood solution. This is cooled to five degrees Celsius.

When the temperature change of 37 degrees occurs – as it exits the body at the new temperature, a term shock occurs and what was a problem becomes a solution inside the bottle, so that the genetic fault is corrected and metabolic or immunometabolic properties in the vaccine.

When the doctors are injecting it little by little the patient is correcting their problems. The vaccine lasts 60 days and the treatment is about one year.
‘This vaccine is much more than a drug; is a medical practice. We see it as an alternative, a possible solution to stop chronic degenerative complications: embolism, hearing loss; amputation, kidney failure, and blindness, among many others, “he said.

Zárate Ortega made it clear that it is essential that patients come to the doctors of the Mexican Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases, because otherwise, they may have consequences.’The patients have to help. It is a treatment, not a miracle. They have to collaborate with exercises, drugs in the beginning autohemotherapy and a diet, “he said.

Chacón Ramírez said that the costs of this medical practice are low and announced a cycle of conferences aimed at doctors interested in joining the body.


The Service of Surgery explained that the surgical intervention is similar to that of the surgery of the obesity in which a gastric baipas is realized

EFE The Hospital Clínico de Valencia has implanted, in a pioneering way, a program of metabolic or diabetes surgery with which it is tried to correct the type 2 diabetes resistant to treatments with a surgical intervention by means of laparoscopy, similar to the one that is done to combat obesity.

According to EFE sources informed the health center, although in other Spanish hospitals this same surgery is performed, the Clinical Hospital is the first in which a specific program has been put in place for this action.

The head of the Surgery Service of the Hospital Clínico, Joaquín Ortega, explained that the surgical procedure is similar to that of obesity surgery in which a gastric baipas is performed, although in this case the patients are not morbidly obese, but with grade 1 obesity.

Although the main goal is to correct diabetes, at the same time you can reduce weight, treat cholesterol, hypertension and even obstructive sleep apnea.

Patients undergoing this intervention are patients with refractory type 2 diabetes, who have grade 1 obesity, are aged between 18 and 50 years, diabetes of fewer than five years of evolution, poor medical control of diabetes and absence of serious complications of diabetes.

So far interventions have been made in patients with obesity grades 2 and 3 and the results “have shown striking numbers in reducing diabetes, which has been completely resolved in more than 80 percent of cases.”

Ortega stressed that good results are expected in the short term with this program, implanted in the Surgery Service in collaboration with Endocrinology.

The intervention consists of making a gastric baipas in the intestine so that the food does not pass through the stomach and duodenum, and arrives, before being completely digested, to the ileum.

“This sets in motion a series of hormonal mechanisms, some of which are still partially unknown, which decreases peripheral resistance to insulin, and lower blood sugar to almost normal values,” Ortega explained.

The procedure, which is performed by laparoscopy, lasts approximately 100 minutes, the time of admission is usually three days and the postoperative period requires a convalescence of less than one month.

“The results begin to be observed the day after the intervention,” according to Ortega, who added that the patient loses weight and achieves the goal of stabilizing diabetes, which “improves the quality of life and increases the expected time of survival “.

According to the specialist, this is a “safe operation, in which this center has a long experience since the 90s we are carrying out interventions of obesity, whose procedure is practically similar.”

Also, this operation will deepen the study of the mechanisms that maintain sugar at normal levels, which is a very important step in the investigation of diabetes.

“And in addition, he concludes, would allow health savings, since patients, in most cases, do not need to reuse any anti-diabetic medication.”

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1 Comment

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    October 6, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    when it will start in india?

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