This Is How Your Body Reacts After You Quit Smoking

If you are smoking for many years, it will be hard for you to quit. According to statistics, only 7% of smokers manage to quit after the first try.

This is the reason why around 70% of people who smoke and want to quit, have a hard time achieving this goal. The longer you smoke, the more addicted your body becomes. Therefore, after a long time actively smoking your body becomes more damaged than ever.

However, there is a way to restore your health and decide to stop smoking. You should be more determined to achieve this goal. Here are some facts to remind you why you should stop smoking and choose to lead a healthier life.

10 Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits

1. 20 minutes after your last cigarette you can see how the body reacts differently. It has lowered blood pressure and improved circulation in both feet and hands. As a result, the blood flow is encouraged to function properly.

2. After 8 hours have passed, there will be only half carbon monoxide gas in your system and bloodstream. This means that the oxygen is now more dominant in the body and can help clear out the dangerous bacteria.

3. If you haven’t smoked in the last 48 hours, your heart may improve and strengthen. Moreover, the nicotine will be completely erased from the body along with the taste and smell.

4. After three days, you can breathe easier and feel energetic. This is a great way for avoiding the stress from quitting. At this stage, your bronchial tubes feel relaxed.

5. Between two weeks and two months after your last cigarette, your blood circulation may improve and boost the function of the lungs by 30%.

6. After three to nine months you may no longer feel any difficulties breathing like coughing or congestion. Now your bronchial tubes are stronger and can handle bacteria, infections, and mucus.

7. If you won’t light a cigarette for one year, your body will become stronger and may even reduce the chance of a heart attack by 50%.

8. After five years your heart functions freely and has the same chance of getting a heart attack like a non-smoker.

9. But, after ten years your lungs will feel even better. You can reduce the chance of developing lung cancer and clean out the chemicals in your body.

10. On the long run, these benefits can advance even more. After 15 years, your heart can be as healthy as you have never smoked before. Your entire system will be cleaner without nicotine or bacteria. Therefore all the damages that tobacco has caused can be flushed out.

Smoking is dangerous. Besides, it can have everlasting negative effects on the body. Therefore it is important to stop this habit before it is too late. Quitting is very hard, but it is possible to reverse the effects of smoking and cleanse your body entirely!

Source: The Hearty Soul | Quit Smoking Support | American Cancer Society

1 Comment

1 Comment

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